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Dead Strive: Zombie Survival FPS Shooting

Dead Strive: Zombie Survival FPS Shooting Mod APK v0.1 [Unlocked]

Ilma Anabia



Version: 0.1

Android: Android 4.4 (KITKAT)

Size: 70.75 MB

Mod info
Unlock all equipment.
The Zombie apocalypse began when a Top Secret Laboratory Test went wrong and gave birth to a deadly virus. Despite strict lockdown and shut down of whole city it was too late and impossible to stop this virus and unfortunately resulted in quick and rapid spread of virus in a densely populated city in very few hours. The Zombie infection outbreak has turned the city in a living dead and they are rising and hunting for the living humans and attacking them to feed themselves.

As you were a trained military shooter in army, you have somehow managed to save yourself from deadly zombies and you are now the only survivor. Your life mission is to eliminate these living dead zombies and reach to the final level of this game. The sooner you level up the harder it become to tackle the zombies. Level by level they become intelligent and hard to kill. Use up your training and best shooting skills to eliminate all and clean up the city in the final level.

So are you ready to kill them all and clear up the city in these missions? Dead Strive: Zombie Survival FPS Shooting, You will have to change and choose your favorite guns to kill them quickly. The decision depends upon you to select you best weapon. Aim for headshots to eliminate a Zombie in less time and experience the best First person shooting game with amazing shooting sound effects of your weapons.

Play as a last Zombie Shooting Survivor in a city full of Zombies.
Zombies come and gather in groups, Use your sniper shooting skills to kill them all.
Different sizes of Zombies and Guns; do not get exhausted, make use of powerful weapons.
Easy Zombie shooting game with easy controls.

Dead Strive: Zombie Survival FPS Shooting is your battlefield where you are the only survivor and to keep yourself alive for long you will have to search and hunt all the deadly zombies. In this action and strategy shooting games become a hero and experience the best Zombie shooting game ever.
Let the Zombie survival shooting begins.
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