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Driving Zone: Germany

Driving Zone: Germany Mod APK v1.24.61 [Unlimited money/Free purchase/Premium]




Version: 1.24.61

Android: Android 5.1 (LOLLIPOP_MR1)

Size: 186.72 MB

Mod info
Driving Zone: Germany is a popular car simulation game that lets players experience the thrill of driving on the roads of Germany.
The game has just released its latest v1.24.61 mod version, which allows players to access an ample currency without any glitches.
Once players enter the first level, they will find the main interface returns with sufficient funds to purchase a wealth of premium features.
Consequently, this mod extension significantly enhances the player's gaming experience and enables them to progress through the levels more easily.
Overall, this updated version provides both novice and advanced players an enjoyable and smooth experience on the roads of Germany.
Driving Zone: Germany - car game and street racing simulator with realistic physics and legendary german cars.

In this game are presented cars prototypes of the German manufacturers: from classic city cars to powerful modern sports cars and luxury cars. Each car in the game has it's own technical specifications and engine sounds. Well detailed body and dashboard create the effect of full presence and realism.

The game offers four unique tracks with different weather conditions. You can drive on high-speed highway, or go for a ride in the German town, which is particularly beautiful at night. If you are a real extreme racer, you should drive on winter track with dangerous icy road. You can choose the starting time of the day, that will change dynamically. You can also try driving on special race or drift track.

Start the engine, press down on the gas and chase as quickly as possible. Earn points by overtaking traffic cars. Or go to the race track and try to pass it by shortest time for take maximum reward. Another mode is drift, where you can test your skills of drifting and earn points by fast and sharp skid angles. You will need points to open the new vehicles, modes and other features of the game.

This racing simulator gives you the ability to choose the style of driving that can be quiet and safe or extremely dangerous racing. The abundance of settings allows you to customize a level of car physics realism, from arcade and simulation levels to the most realistic, as in the difficult racing simulator in which you will need to show your driving skills.

- Modern beautiful graphics;
- Real car physics;
- Change the time of day in real-time;
- Legendary German cars for driving and tuning;
- 4 levels for street racing, many configurations of racetracks and drift tracks with different weather conditions;
- First person view / Interior view / Cinematic camera;
- Automatic cloud synchronization of your game progress.

Warning! This game is quite realistic, but it is not designed to teach you how to street racing. Be careful and responsible when you're driving real car. Enjoy virtual driving in heavy car traffic, but please observe the traffic rules and be careful on real roads.
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