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FacePlay - AI Photo&Face Swap

FacePlay - AI Photo&Face Swap Mod APK v3.3.14 [Unlocked/Premium]

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Version: 3.3.14

Android: Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

Size: 193.8 MB

Mod info
Premium Unlocked
FacePlay is an app that covers many AI special effects, including AI photo, video face changing, GIF generation, AI comics, video comics, etc.
FacePlay takes you to experience thousands of styles and ever-changing life. Updates every day, take you to keep up with and play with the current hot trends, become a short video expert, and lead the trend of the circle of friends.

[AI Photo] Have you taken the recently popular AI photo? Come and try our AI photo function, its effect is very realistic, allowing you to easily take blockbuster photos without leaving home. There are many styles to choose from, such as ID photo, Barbie princess, JK uniform, Hong Kong style, Jiangnan ancient style, forest style, summer vigor girl, ballet style, fantasy elf girl, etc.
[Video Face Swap] In FacePlay, you can try different styles and play classic film and television characters! Various scenes meet your needs, beautiful wedding dresses, red plums and snowy costumes, exotic customs of 56 ethnic groups, ancient Chinese clothes, Chinese cheongsams, arrogant scholars, chivalrous swordsmen, flower gods and elves, romantic flower seas...
[Video Comic] Take a video and upload it to generate a corresponding comic video, make your own exclusive animation, and quickly make your video into various animation styles!
[Magic Avatar] Just one photo can generate a lot of different styles of avatars in batches, such as sci-fi style, war-damaged style, queen style, sweet cool style, art oil painting style, two-dimensional comic style, etc. The operation is simple and the effect is amazing. Realize the freedom of avatar selection in minutes.

Terms of service: https://static-ai.s3.amazonaws.com/FacePlay/TermsOfService.html
Privacy Policy: https://static-ai.s3.amazonaws.com/FacePlay/PrivacyPolicy.html

Are there any features you would like to see in future versions of the application? Don't hesitate to communicate with us by clicking "Settings" - "feedback" in FacePlay.
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