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Metal Ranger. 2D Shooter

Metal Ranger. 2D Shooter Mod APK v3.45 [Unlimited money]

Albert Zig



Version: 3.45

Android: Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

Size: 190.32 MB

Mod info
Unlimited money
Metal Ranger is a 2D shooter with a nostalgic feel of the 1980s sci-fi action movies and games.

You are playing as a ranger wearing powerful steel armor.

Your enemies are giant alien mutant insects.

Take advantage of a great variety of deadly weapons! Choose from an assault rifle, the M134 Minigun machine gun, a grenade launcher, a laser gun, a plasma gun, and a flamethrower.

Complete missions, earn coins, and get armor and HP upgrades.

Start your journey in the factory compound of a Martian colony and fight your way through eerie industrial underground vaults and narrow metal walkways, on to a futuristic city with a retro / cyberpunk ambience. Test the mettle of your Metal Ranger against a huge armored slug, a gigantic spider, and other truly tough monster bosses.

Neon signs, halos around lights, metal ramps and walkways – add to these the synthwave soundtrack and lots of good old side-scrolling action, and you will get that special feel of the golden era of video games, amusement arcades, and VHS tapes.

Game features:
- modern shoot ‘em up platform action;
- authentic 3D locations;
- difficulty increases with every completed mission;
- great selection of weapons: assault rifle, flamethrower, the Minigun machine gun, plasma gun, etc.;
- atmospheric soundtrack reminiscent of the 1980s еlectonic music;
- smooth performance even on older devices;
- eight free levels that can be played without internet access;
- two player co-op multiplayer.

Metal Ranger is not just another platform shooter. It is an artistic tribute and a confession of love to the bygone era.
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