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Hex of Steel

Hex of Steel Mod APK v6.2.11 [Free purchase/Full]

Valentin Lievre



Version: 6.2.11

Android: Android 6.0 (M)

Size: 310.23 MB

Mod info
You can try the full version of the game for free
There is a free demo of the game on the Play-Store, you can find it by searching for 'Hex of Steel - DEMO'
WARNING : If you experience crashes on maps such as : Europe 1939, Europe 1941, Europe 1943, Pacific theatre 1941 and others such as those (over 60.000 tiles), it means that your device is not powerful enough to run them. Any other functionality of the game remains available.
Hex of Steel is a refreshing WWII wargame covering all fronts featuring a certain amount of original mechanics. Fight in solo against finally a decent AI throughout Europe, Africa or the Pacific, or against a friend in the cross-platform PBEM multiplayer.
Official Discord server: Join the community at https://discord.gg/Tn63mrwJyH
Embark on a gaming journey that started with just 53 euros from Kickstarter and a dream! "Hex of Steel" is not just another wargame; it's a testament to determination and passion.

Key Features that Set "Hex of Steel" Apart:
• Adaptive AI that Never Cheats.
• Explore Gigantic Scenarios Spanning Europe, North Africa, Pacific, and more.
• No Turn Limits, No Unit Limits (Can be changed).
• Cross-Platform Gameplay: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android – Enjoy Real-Time and PBEM Multiplayer.
• Play with Standard Unit Representation or NATO Icons.
• Capture and Deploy Almost Any Unit in Your Army.
• Engage in Branched Campaigns with Core Units – Shape Their History Throughout the Campaign.
• Diplomacy that Adds Depth to Strategy (Wars, Alliances, Truces).
• Over 50 Policies to Personalize Your Gameplay – Choose Doctrines, Occupation, Conscription, and More!
• Unleash Your Creativity with Multiple Editors: Tiles, Units, Countries, and Scenarios.
• Random Scenario Generator (Work in Progress) for Endless Challenges.
• Experience Dynamic Weather with Stunning Sound and Graphics Effects.
• Dive into a World of Unique and Optional Mechanics – Explore Limitless Possibilities!

Absolutely no paid content / in app purchases!

Don't miss your chance to immerse yourself in the ultimate wargaming experience – "Hex of Steel" awaits your strategic brilliance!

Link of the Steam Page where you can find more infos and the complete change logs : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1240630/Hex_of_Steel/
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