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三色绘恋S -Mobile Link-

三色绘恋S -Mobile Link- Mod APK v1.11 [Full]



Version: 1.11

Android: Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)

Size: 197.97 MB

Mod info
:full version.
【Kind tips】:
1. This game contains violent content, bloody ... sensitive content, please download it carefully.
2. Enter the game and need to download and update the data on the Internet.
——This APP is a mobile phone adaptation software for PC using “SunnyRain Lovestory”.

Plot introduction STORY

The rain of late autumn is still on the way, just a year before that well-known story—
Hubei Provincial Key High School: Wuhan Shi'er College.
The school season is full of business.

At the age of 18, Chi Yao is brilliant, handsome and handsome. At this time, he was enrolled in the first grade of his school under the arrangement of the principal's father, and he followed his colleague's sister to accumulate social experience in the student union.
For the winners of life who have set a good future, if they lose the meaning of struggle early, they will naturally become solitary.
Under the mask of humility and diligence, it is an out-and-out bad guy, quietly waiting for the next "deal", the story comes.

"Does it still hurt? Apply some safflower oil to you later."
The school sister who loves to worry has the same outstanding appearance and the talent of "same journey with the same path".

"--Thank you brother for always taking care of business."
The delivery girl has the same surname and the same dazzling blond hair.

When a teenager meets a girl, you think this is another love story about youth——
Streaming light but weaving rain, real shining can save the ignorant heart.

SUNNY-An Angelic Conte of “IMOUTO”
New love story, let time tell us the answer.

Game Features FEATURES

Paint the Pipi
The game uses Live2D and other animation technologies to give the soul of the full HD standard production screen, ensuring a face-to-face immersive experience with "her" in a 1080P full-screen window.

Barrage Tucao Sharing Happiness
The barrage comment system is installed in the game, which can be turned on or off. With the deepening of the story, you have the opportunity to share your experiences with three scholars all over the world and reap the happiness.

Multi-terminal synchronization
The "Mobile Link" APP supports the mutual introduction of the game progress between the mobile phone and the computer, and truly realizes one-click switching of mobile devices, "love" anytime, anywhere.
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