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    Garena Free Fire MAX

    Free Fire MAX is designed exclusively to deliver premium gameplay experience in a Battle Royale. Enjoy a variety of exciting game modes with all Free Fire players via exclusive Firelink technology. Experience combat like never before with Ultra HD resolutions and breathtaking effects. Ambush, snipe, and survive; There is only one goal: to survive and be the last one standing.

    Free Fire, Battle In Style!

    [Fast-paced, deeply immersive gameplay]
    50 players parachute onto a deserted island but only one will leave. Over ten minutes, players will compete for weapons and supplies and take down any survivors that stand in their way. Hide, scavenge, fight and survive - with reworked and upgraded graphics, players will be richly immersed in the Battle Royale world from start to finish.

    [Same game, better experience]
    With HD graphics, enhanced special effects and smoother gameplay, Free Fire MAX provides a realistic and immersive survival experience for all Battle Royale fans.

    [4-man squad, with in-game voice chat]
    Create squads of up to 4 players and establish communication with your squad right from the start. Lead your friends to victory and be the last team standing victorious at the apex!

    [Firelink technology]
    With Firelink, you can login your existing Free Fire account to play Free Fire MAX without any hassle. Your progress and items are maintained across both applications in real-time. You can play all game modes with both Free Fire and Free Fire MAX players together, no matter which application they use.

    Privacy Policy:
    Terms of Service:

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    lulubox APK

    Lulubox is all in one game plugin box for Android game players. Like parallel space, you will create new game account to play games. Please do remember to open games in Lulubox, because no magic will happen once you run the game directly with your real game account.

    Top reasons game players should try Lulubox:

    1.NO hack skill needed
    2.NO mod package needed
    3.NO root permission needed
    4.Premium game experience for free
    5.Free plugins and fast updates

    With Lulubox you can:

    1.Unlock all heros skins of Mobile Legends for free
    2.Unlock all fashion of Garena Free Fire for free
    3.5 battle themes for PUBG
    4.Unlimited coins for Subway Surfer
    5.Unlock all skins of and Rise Up
    6.Chatroom for game players and mod developers

    Lulubox support PUBG MOBILE UI SKIN:

    Lulubox newly supported 5 types of UI skin and all of them are free to use. It will be so cool while recording the PUBG battle. Only Lulubox can give you this cool skin.

    Lulubox is a plugins sharing platform and a management tool for mobile games world-widely, and our main purpose is to support our users for better gaming experiences. We manage and organize the popular games installed on your phone. We help you to run your games faster and smoother, and provide you with a safe and private environment to protect your information while you are gaming.

    Lulubox allows players to share their information and to upload their plugins, which promotes your gaming experiences in various aspects. You can actually master the games like a boss . 

    Key Features for Lulubox:

    Managed your games, and got everything collected;

    Plugins offered. Now use your imagination; Enhanced user experiences; 
    Improved game interaction designs;
    Upgraded game functions;

    Much better than Youtube Downloader

    Lulubox Video Browser allowed all users download and save videos directly onto Android. Open video site in Lulubox Video Browser, find your favourite video clips or movies, then click the download button on the bottom of screen. Free and 10x Faster HD Video Downloader for Android, install Lulubox and try! Download Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even hot xxx videos and more. Download and watch offline movies on your Android today, and now install Lulubox latest version and give it a try!

    *** Note: LuLubox does not upload any plugins. All plugins are uploaded by users.
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    Gun and Shooting: Target war

    Welcome to this shooting simulator games, free fire as you want, feel the thrilling excitement through a combination of shooting games and action games. Gun and Shooting: Target war this offline games will take you to a world of war, your mission is to bring the peace back. This gun games is the one you are looking for. Hero, the world is calling, come and join us.

    Gun and Shooting: Target war is the most realistic and comprehensive interactive gun encyclopedia ever created! Virtually free fire the top weapons of the world and customize your gun with attachments, enjoy the enchantment of shooting games. If you like war games or shooting games, you will love Gun and Shooting: Target war

    Tons of guns to choose
    Guns are the constant theme in shooting games, there are tons of guns for players to collect and choose in this gun simulator games, let's fill your arsenal with guns.

    Upgrade and customize your guns
    Many attachments are added in this gun games to satisfy different needs for all players. You can choose different grips, gunstocks to enhance your guns, use them to eliminate targets with perfect performance.

    Easy and various gameplays
    In Gun and Shooting: Target war, you can choose an assault rifle, let the enemies taste the rain of bullets with spraying fire. Also you can pick up a sniper rifle and be the most accurate sniper, give your target unexpected blows. Both gameplays will entertain you with the pure fun of shooting games.

    Different types of game modes
    We provide several game modes for all the players to make their dreams of free fire come true. If you are a conventional gun games player, head to campaign mode try to clear all stages to save the world. If you are looking for an outlet to show how good you are at shooting, you can try treasure mode, get all rewards by completing relevant missions. We are also providing a game mode for the players who love zombie games and horror games. Just like the survival games, the battle is very intense, so get ready to overcome all the danger to survive.

    Ultra realistic 3D graphics and cool animations
    Console quality HD gaming on your phone with customizable controls, voice and text chat, and thrilling 3D graphics and sound. Feel the gun games scene with high quality, hear the lifelike gunshots sound effect. We are not living in a war time, but now you are in the real war.

    Free to play on mobile
    Gun and Shooting: Target war offers the most smooth control and realistic ballistics. As an offline games, this game is free to play, and you can collect daily reward when log in the game.

    It's time to take action in the war. Show your best sniper and shooting skills and combat on the frontline. Shoot to kill in special targets and survive in this addictive 3d shooting games!
    Stop waiting, come and participate in Gun and Shooting: Target war, come and feel the pleasure of free fire.
  • 4.6

    Free Fire

    FREE FIRE is a survival shooter, the first in Vietnam to bring the experience of survival is extremely suspenseful and full of unexpected suffocation. After parachuting from a plane carrying at island is indicated, a fight to the death begins, exists only a single rule: “hunt or become the prey”. The player must quickly search for weapons, required tools and materials scattered all over the place on the island to survive and take down the other players. br>
    - With system map open, players will have the freedom to move and explore the whole island large detailed graphics, sharp by technology pour the same light engineering breakthrough brings true experience to detail.
    - weapons Systems, equipment, facilities move diverse can help players discover at the same time choose the right tactics to survive. Safe area on the island continuously shrink forcing the player to use all skills, thinking and acumen of his to hide, find supplies, ambush the enemy by surprise with the goal of becoming the ultimate survivor.

    Download Free Fire now to experience the fight for survival is fierce, where the intellectual skills and analytical mind are the deciding factors to survive; where the survival instinct of human is pushed to the limit. Materials that you will be the hunter or prey in war to the death? Let's challenge yourself with Battle Royale!

    track info at:
    Join the community at:
    Contact and suggestions: [email protected]
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    Cover Fire: Offline Shooting Mod Apk v1.21.24

    Download Official Cover Fire, is one of the best shooting games you'll ever play on a mobile, now for free and offline.

    Best action shooter game, easy controls, realistic 3D graphics and fun offline missions. Get your best shooting gun and take to action!

    Play offline in a challenging single-player campaign, survive in competitive sniper shooting battle online and don't stop shooting in cool war events, such as Zombies Survival or Black Ops.

    Game Features

    • Shooting Online and Offline on mobile
    12 New Chapters in a thrilling story mode. Battle in army missions, sniper 3d ops, drive vehicles or fun shooting from helicopters with a heavy gun.

    • New Shooting Game and best Sniper 3d shooting game
    Unlock unique army weapons and shoot cool guns. Customize and upgrade your best guns skills to increase arsenal damage in the war zone. Killing with iconic gun, powerful sniper weapons and modern shotguns. Remember your duty: grenades are your best companion in the war!

    • Easy controls. Low mobile requirements
    Controls are customisable, so it's no matter if you are a veteran assassin shooter or an army rookie in this free shooting game.

    • Online Sniper Tournaments
    Compete and fight against other players or friends around the world with your best times ranked in online leaderboards. Call to action and win the war! Your duty is to be best shooter

    • New Offline Virus Zombies Event
    Play free zombie event! Survive with a gun against zombies and save the survivors. Aim, Shoot and kill hordes of Zombies!!

    Updated Shooter Duty: infiltrate in a terrorist base and kill all enemies. Shoot to kill and survive in the best sniper 3d shooting game!

    The best shooting games experience in the battlefield. Call your best shooter and combat on the war.

    Call your friends and Download now for free the best offline shooting games on mobile ! It's fun and free game!
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    Nickname Fire : Free Nickfinder App Mod Apk v4.9 [Pro,Plus,VIP]

    Are you a fan of games? Do you want unique nicknames for your games? How about styling your name or nickname?! Love styling?! With this cool nickname generator app, you can change your name to a cool, stylish name with stylish fonts and best fonts. This free name generator helps in solving the constant problem faced by gamers of 'Nickname is already taken', you can use this game nickname finder and flaunt your name full of stylish fonts and fancy art or just customise your bio with fancy text.

    Distinguish yourself from other players in the game with this font-changing app. It is a one-stop destination for to all the components to make the name.

    Key Features
    Username generator is an easy to make cool nickname for games or for social media channels. Below are the key features-

    You can easily customise names to make them stylish with text codes, art, symbols for your favourite games which can be used by all. Create different gamer tags or usernames every time you play, using interesting gamer rare fonts and symbols. Simple characters seem boring, but when combined with text decorator, you will have plenty of fonts ready for you to choose from. You can create an interesting text that helps you express your feelings or convey a message or draw attention from everyone in your gaming squad.

    Text Decoration
    There are many rare fonts with cool symbols to make nicks with this stylish name editor app. You can put any text of your choice with different calligraphic font styles and decorate it with different font items for your social network profiles as well.

    Random nicks generator
    The random generator solves many problems. Often struck in putting a cool nickname in your favourite game? Trying different versions of your name but all are taken? Are you struggling with 'Try other nickname' error in your game session? Can anything be done about it? The answer is yes! With this nickname maker app, you can generate thousands of free nicks with super cool fonts and stylish texts and distinguish yourself from other players in the games with this easy nickname generator. Roll the dice and select the nickname you like.

    Unlimited Usage
    You can also use this characters symbols generator to create different nicknames for every game sessions for your games or social networks. You can use this app for as many game sessions as you want, as many times as you want. There is no restriction in creating cool text names.There is no charge levied for using this app to create cool nicks, it is absolutely free to use this nicks maker.

    How to use the app?
    It is extremely easy to use this stylish nickname creator. You can either create nickname using the cool text and stylish fonts, or you can style your nickname with plethora of art, fonts and text decorators. Input your nicks to create fancy text inside the box. Scroll down or roll the dice and you will be able to find rare text arts and fonts just created with your inputted nicks. You can just copy the ones you love and use the nicks for your games or social networks. You can also share it easily with your game squad.

    You can easily share your created nickname with your friends and fellow gamers and easily create an squad by simply sharing the nickname over social media channels.

    Download this easy, fast and free app and look like a "Hero" with a super stylish name in your games. You can generate a random name and modify it to your liking. Create attention-grabbing usernames without worrying about whether your favourite game will allow it or not!

    We at HappyVerse value the privacy of all users and this app requires minimal permissions that are absolutely necessary.

    Please note that the nick finder app is in no way affiliated to any games.

    Please feel free to reach out to us for any queries or feedback to [email protected] ❤️ Made with love in India❤️
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    BOOYAH! Mod Apk v1.37.1 [Unlimited money]

    BOOYAH! offers enjoyable short gaming videos generated by its' users. With our app you are able to livestream to major streaming platforms. It can also help to automatically capture your precious gaming moments, for you to share with your friends and community! Experience the games you love like never before, and connect with your friends through gaming.

    Top features of BOOYAH!:

    - Short gaming videos (clips). Swipe down to see exciting game moments shared by our community! Upload your own clip and share fun with viewers from all over the world!

    - Livestream to major streaming platforms (Facebook, YouTube). You can restream your favourite game and chat with your viewers from all platforms simultaneously, without any fee or membership!

    - Highlights. After your livestream ends, our app will generate highlight with key moments where you experience intense fight, adventure and emotions!

    Share your proudest game moments with your friends on social networks with a touch.
    Play and record your games at the same time, you are just moments away from becoming the next gaming star!

    Be a part of the latest innovation in sharing your gameplay! Be it godlike moments, epic comebacks, or funny fails, BOOYAH! helps you capture them all!
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    Fire Strike - Gun Shooter FPS Mod Apk v2.93

    Play 5v5 quick action matches for 5-7 minutes, upgrade weapons and equipment, arrange shooters, use tactical grenades and try to survive. Learn all the game maps and they will become your weapon in the world of the game engulfed in protests and critical confrontation of different fractions.

    [Play to Win, not Pay to Win]

    Join epic PvP battles and become heroes of battlefield. All shooting game items affecting gameplay, you can get just by playing the game. So go get some weapons, gears, and grenades and bang bang bang!

    [Fight against gun games players from all over the world in FPS game]

    Lead military operations in Chernobyl, Japan, USA, and other virtual war zones. Take part in action team battles, plant a bomb, or defuse it. Acquire new weapons, soldiers and armor, try new tactics and install unique attachments.

    [5 minutes, 10 players, fast matches and best survival tactics]

    -Fast and easy gameplay
    -Simple controls, just two fingers
    -Autolock and Autofire or hand controls
    -Great graphics and effects
    -Excellent performance and optimization

    [Clash squad with Friends up to 5 people or 10 players FFA]

    Get together in online games with your friends in a squad of 5 people against other FPS games players to be the one who get the apex rating. Play custom online game mode up to 10 people.

    [4 game modes already available, 4 in development]

    -Team fight
    -Free for All (Death Match Survival)
    -Bomb mode (Defuse)
    -Arms Race (Gun Game)

    [A wide variety of weapons and equipment, flexible specialist settings]

    Choose who to play as a fast SMG assassin, Sniper support or Tank machine gunner. Be whoever you want in one of the most dynamic 3D shooting games!

    [15 leagues, convenient rating system]

    What is your final league? Become one of the legends, join the Fire Titans league in ranked games. Make your way through the rating as part of a squad or alone and get rampage in defferent shooter games and rounds.

    [Regular updates]

    In the future, Fire Strike Online players will have new modes: capture, combat arena, 2v2 tournaments. And of course new maps: SLUMS RAID, CAMPO SACRO, etc.

    Lots of new shooting content: skins, characters, weapons, attachments.

    Please note!
    Fire Strike Online Shooter is completely free-to-play and download, while some in-game content can be purchased for real money.

    [Contact us]

    For any questions or comments, write to us at [email protected]
    We will gladly try to help you

    Follow us:

    *Attention! The game requires a stable internet connection
    Recommended system requirements: Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2 GB memory
  • 3.5

    Fire Emblem Heroes Mod Apk v1.3.0

    Nintendo's hit strategy-RPG Fire Emblem series, which has been going strong for more than 30 years, continues its journey on smart devices.

    Fight battles customized for touch screens and on-the-go play. Summon characters from across the Fire Emblem universe. Develop your Heroes' skills, and take them to new heights. This is your adventure—a Fire Emblem that's like nothing you've seen before!

    This application is free to download and offers some optional in-app purchases.

    ■ An epic quest

    The game features an ongoing, original story where new characters and dozens upon dozens of battle-tested Heroes from across the Fire Emblem universe meet.

    There are over 1,500 story stages available as of September 2021! (This total includes all difficulty modes.) Clear these story stages and you'll earn Orbs, which are used for summoning Heroes.
    New story chapters are added frequently, so don't miss out!

    ■ Intense battles

    Take part in strategic turn-based battles streamlined for on-the-go play with maps that fit in the palm of your hand! You'll need to think hard about the advantages and disadvantages of each Hero's weapon...and even evaluate the map itself as you battle. Lead your army with easy touch-and-drag controls, including the ability to attack by simply swiping an ally over an enemy.

    New to strategic turn-based battles? Don't worry! Use the Auto-Battle option to have your characters fight on their own.

    ■ Strengthen your favorite Heroes

    There are many ways to strengthen your allies: leveling, skills, weapons, equipable items, and more. Take your characters to greater and greater heights as you battle for victory.

    ■ Replayable modes

    In addition to the main story, there are many other modes where you can strengthen your allies, compete against other players, and more.

    ■ Original characters meet legendary Heroes

    The game features numerous Hero characters from the Fire Emblem series and brand-new characters created by artists Yusuke Kozaki, Shigeki Maeshima, and Yoshiku. Some Heroes will fight at your side as allies, while others may stand in your way as fierce enemies to be defeated and added to your army.

    Featuring Heroes from the following games in the series!

    ・ Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light
    ・ Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem
    ・ Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War
    ・ Fire Emblem: Thracia 776
    ・ Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade
    ・ Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade
    ・ Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
    ・ Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
    ・ Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
    ・ Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem
    ・ Fire Emblem Awakening
    ・ Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright/Conquest
    ・ Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia
    ・ Fire Emblem: Three Houses
    ・ Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE Encore

    * Internet connectivity required to play. Data charges may apply.
    * You must be at least 13+ to use this game with a Nintendo Account.
    * We permit our third-party partners to collect data from this app for analytical and marketing purposes. For more information about our ads, please see the “How we use your information” section of the Nintendo Privacy Policy.
    * Variations in individual device specifications and other applications being run on a device may affect normal operation of this application.
    * May include advertising.
  • 3.8

    PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath Mod Apk v1.5.0 [Unlimited money]

    The Official PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS made for mobile devices.
    Intense battles in 10-minute matches.
    More than 1 billion players around the world.

    • Epic battle royale masterpiece
    Lots of events for you to explore.
    Climb to the top in PUBG MOBILE and fire at will. PUBG MOBILE is an original battle royale mobile game and one of the best mobile shooting games.

    • Play anytime, anywhere
    Relax and play PUBG MOBILE to your heart's content! Shoot and fight as much as you like with an unparalleled smooth experience.

    • Extreme battles in 10-minute matches
    Prepare your firearms, respond to the call for battle in PUBG MOBILE, and fire at will in matches.

    • Lots of maps and battles
    PUBG MOBILE has many maps and gameplay mechanics that give you a thrilling survival experience in different maps. Find your friends and play the new modes together! Do whatever you want and fire at will!

    • Made especially for mobile phones
    Features customizable controls, training mode, and voice chat with friends. Experience the smoothest control experience and the most realistic firearms on your phone.

    PUBG MOBILE with the highest resolution items and gameplay experience. PUBG MOBILE can fulfill any wish you might have. Choose from countless firearms and test your marksmanship. New items, maps, and modes are constantly added to the game.

    PUBG MOBILE offers the most intense multiplayer battles on your mobile phone. Join the battle, put on your gear, and play to win. Survive in epic 100-player battles in Classic Mode, Payload Mode, the fast-paced 4v4 Team Deathmatch Mode, and Infection Mode. Survival is all that matters. Survive to the end to get the last laugh. Accept missions and fire at will!

    • A stable network connection is required to play the game
    PUBG MOBILE's recommended system requirements: Android 5.1.1 or newer with at least 2GB of RAM. If your device doesn't meet the requirements, you can try PUBG MOBILE LITE.

    • Follow us:
    Please contact the customer service if you encounter any problems: [email protected]

    • Please read PUBG MOBILE's Privacy Policy and User Agreement
    Privacy Policy:
    Tencent Games User Agreement:
  • 3.9

    Kill It With Fire Mod Apk v1.0 [Paid for free]

    The spider - mankind's most ancient and deadly nemesis. As a licensed Kill It With Fire exterminator, it's time to fight back! Assemble your arsenal of increasingly excessive weapons, track spiders across suburbia, and burn everything in your path!

    To defeat spiders you must exploit their one weakness: FIRE. Or bullets. Or explosions, throwing stars, gettin' smushed by stuff...pretty much anything, really. But that doesn't mean it'll be easy - first you've gotta find the spiders. Use state-of-the-art arachnid tracking technology to pinpoint your target's location among hundreds of potential hiding spots - then, torch everything and smash the spider with a frying pan after it runs out. It's the only way to be sure.


    - Tons of unique weapons and equipment.
    - Eight different spider species.
    - “Realistic” fire simulation system.
    - Gratuitous chaos and destruction.
    - Dozens of optional objectives.
    - Loads of hidden upgrades.
    - Battle in the Arachno-Gauntlet!
    - A secret ending?!?! (...shh!)
  • 3.9

    Aero Smash -open fire Mod Apk v1.0.2

    Drive you plane to guard your territory and shoot down all the enemies!

    You can collect and own more than 135 kinds of planes.
    An unknown and thrilling adventure will be started from a random unique map.
    The world will show up as a huge map.
    360-degree free shooting.

    Contact us:[email protected]
  • 3.8

    Modern Ops: Gun Shooting Games Mod Apk v7.11

    Clash with other players in new mobile 3D FPS game with never-ending fire and online shooting games action. Modern gun game in cs style awaits you!

    Like cool online shooter games? Call your fury and jump into the action and enter the battle strike right now. It's totally free to play fps games!
    Use different free fire strategies and tactics in explosive online games on a variety of shooter games maps.

    √ More than 30 modern guns, pistolas and camos. Choose your own online shooting games tactics for battle: sniper, shotgun, machine gun or assault rifles
    √ Up to 10 players in pvp action games
    √ Join team battles against other players from all over the world to play gun games
    √ Create your own clan and enjoy team game in various locations playing in squad
    √ Use Killstreaks such as drone strike, sentry gun and even rocket launcher to make your army games strategy unique one
    √ Compete in ranked seasons and get promoted to higher leagues among other fps shooting games players
    √ Call for your friends and interact with other players, complete contracts and quest missions
    √ Intuitive control and easy interface - swipe, aim and shoot
    √ Perfect optimization
    √ Regular updates and new cool gun game elements

    Modern Ops Black Squad is competitive free FPS shooters with easy and intuitive controls, vivid 3D graphics and exciting gameplay.
    Accomplish your duty and play as counter-terrorists or become brutal and choose bandits. Show your fire and combat skills in our free multiplayer first person shooter game.

    Buy different ammo, weapons and upgrade them. Change the look of your weapon skins.

    Make a frag progress to be pro in our mobile shooting game.

    Join us on Facebook:

    Once you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer service at [email protected]

    *Important note: This application requires a persistent internet connection.
  • 4.0

    Twitch: Live Game Streaming Mod Apk v12.1.2 [Remove ads]

    Watch livestream gaming videos, Esports and any IRL broadcast on your Android device! Stream your favorite MMO RPG, strategy and FPS games for PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Twitch gives you live streaming and gamer chat in the palm of your hand.

    Sports are here. Tune into your favorites: basketball, baseball, soccer, football, swimming, wrestling, hockey, pool, and much more through talk shows, league channels, Fantasy, and ESports.

    Live chat as you watch gamers play everything from Valorant to League of Legends. Watch Fortnite Battle Royale, Minecraft Sessions, 2k Blacktop, Overwatch killstreaks, and FIFA showdowns. Multiplayer games not your thing? Livestream any IRL content you can think of, from art demos to animal videos!

    Twitch Game Live Streaming and Chat: TOP 3 FEATURES
    1. Watch gamers play any single or multiplayer game; with Minecraft, Fortnite, CS:GO, PUBG, FIFA, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Valorant, Grand Theft Auto, Overwatch, World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade, Apex, WildRift, Garena Free Fire and much more. You can really let your gaming flag fly! Stream content from the biggest MMO RPG, MOBA, strategy and FPS games out there, or settle in for nail-biting Esports tournaments.
    2. Live chat during any gaming, Esports and IRL broadcast. Connect with your favorite streamers and fellow gamers to talk strategy and gameplan.
    3. Broadcast your very own gaming content! Livestream GTA on Xbox One, build Minecraft monoliths on Nintendo Switch, take down your Fortnite enemies on PS4, dive into WildRift on your mobile device, or show off in Valorant on PC!

    Looking for something other than gaming? Join live discussions around your favorite sports, listen to podcasts, check out music concerts, or just chat within the community.

    + Stream interactive live news videos with exclusive content for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.
    + Watch unique programming: livestream anything from art demos, to music festivals, to just chatting with others!
    + Discover new multiplayer games and IRL videos with ease thanks to simple and intuitive navigation.
    + Switch to Dark Mode for those late night viewing and gamer chat sessions.

    Join the millions of hardcore and casual gamers who have found a place to connect over the MOBA or FPS games they love. Take your passion to the next level with Twitch!


    For feedback and assistance, please visit our Support Center:

    Please note: This app features Nielsen's proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings. Please see for more information
  • 3.9

    Piano Fire: Edm Music & Piano Mod Apk v1.0.58

    5,000,000+ players around the world have chosen us! Play Piano Fire on mobile anywhere today!

    Piano Fire is a special game in different genres of piano games with wonderful gameplay. Blends piano and EDM music perfectly, you can feel the collision of ice and fire, get addicted to hot and popular songs around the world!

    How to Play:
    It's similar to other piano games, tap the tiles continuously to follow the music melody and don't miss any tile. Prove how fast and accurate you can play!

    Game features:
    - Real music feeling when tapping the tiles.
    - More albums and songs of various styles.
    - Cool design and graphics.
    - Easy to play, hard to master. Tapping only the music tile in some high-speed songs can be a real challenge!

    Do not hesitate to try Piano Fire online and offline! This excellent piano game has more surprises in store for you than you can imagine!

    If any music producers or labels have a problem with the music and images used in the game, or any players have any advice to help us improve, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]
  • 4.7

    WORD FIRE - Word Games Offline

    DOWNLOAD the HOTTEST and best word games FREE!

    Word Fire has incredible word games Free! Word Fire is an easy word game that gets harder as you progress through 2000+ levels!

    * Daily bonus coins!
    * Daily challenges!
    * Over 2000+ Levels!
    * Play Offline!
    * Get word games free single player mode or versus your friends!
    * Use hints if the level gets too hard!

    Play Word Fire for the best word games free for word game fans, word search lovers, and practice your English!

    Having an issue with these word games free for adults? For immediate support, contact us at [email protected]

  • 3.6

    Game Booster Fire GFX- Lag Fix Mod Apk v95 [Unlocked]

    Game Booster will unlock your device's maximum power and bring your game play experience to the next level!

    Automatically boost CPU, RAM and re-index your disk for gaming and the maximum performance. This app is the All-In-One Toolbox (Game Launcher, Booster, Gfx Setup & Lag ​​Fixer) Game Booster.

    Features of this application

    ✓ Place your games at one place.
    ✓ One touch boost.
    ✓ Turbo boost
    ✓ Network listener lag fix
    ✓ GFX Tool

    GFX Tool

    ✓ Game view up tp 2560 Resolution
    ✓ HDR Game Graphics: Activate / simulate the HDR graphics on old devices.
    ✓ INSANE FPS: Configuration for the INSANE FPS level.

    Turbo Boost

    ✓ Checks for system stability and fixes issues
    ✓ Boosts the device for benchmarks
    ✓ Use artifical intelligence to optimize your device for game
    ✓ HDR image quality
    ✓ Clear memory for RAM-Free Tweak
    ✓ Release memory as much as possible.

    Hardware Monitor

    ✓ RAM Usage
    ✓ Network Latency
    ✓ Battery Temperature

    ► TREND:
    - No heating for 801 snapdragon !
    - No heating for 820 snapdragon !
    - No heating for 821 snapdragon !
    - Get the maximum fps with this app No heating for all devices !
    - Reduce the CPU load !
    • 100% Safe, every gamer must use this app. It's free.

    Permission : Storage (Photos/Media files) for creating config files and delete unused cache dirs.
    Permission : Internet for network listener/pinger.
    Permission : Kill background app for boosting memory.

    - Please rate the app to support us

    Thanks for using our app!
  • 3.9

    Fire Balls 3D Mod Apk v1.32.1

    Fire Balls 3D is a single-tap hyper casual game that will keep you hooked for hours!

    Hold to make your dot fire forward, and be careful from moving obstacles.

    The game features unlimited levels and 20 beautiful color themes.
  • 4.6

    FreeFire Name Style Generator

    Do you want an elegant and original username for games like Free Fire?

    Ⓖⓞⓞⓓⓑⓨⓔ to Boring Nicknames!

    NickGame helps you. Choose from over 30.000 possible combinations to create an attractive, personalized username that sets you apart from other players and social network users.

    Easy, Fast and Free. You can generate a random name and modify it to your liking. Then just copy and paste into your favorite game or social networks.

    More than 1000 original random usernames to choose from. Boys and girls names.

    More than 100 cool fonts, stylish text and elegant typographies to distinguish you from the rest.

    More than 450 possibilities to decorate your letters to make a new nickname thanks to the name creator NickGame.

    ¯%%_(ツ)_/¯ More than 100 full emojis in ASCII plain text format.

    With its own text symbols and styles for all games: Free Fire, Battle Royale, Apex Legends, MK11, PUBG, CS GO, ... Stand out in the game with your new cool name.

    With customized fancy styles for social networks: Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, … Distinguish yourself from other users by personalizing your nickname so that it is original, unique and draws attention in your publications to get followers.

    How does NickGame work?

    NickGame is an easy to use free name generator. Type in your custom name and automatically generate the nickname with different fonts, letters and symbols.

    If you want to give it a more personal touch, you can decorate the text with more than 450 possibilities with all kinds of symbols and word art.

    It has never been so easy to create an elegant name for Free Fire, Battle Royale or Apex or a nickname for Instagram for girls or boys.

    You just have to make a longpress to copy to clipboard and open your favorite social network or game to paste the nick.

    Feature requests and suggestions are welcome!
  • 4.7

    Case Simulator for Fire Game

    This is box simulator. You can open here skins from Store. There is only Armory Boxes for now. It contains many Gun Skins.
    This simulator made by Fan to bring you the experience of opening Boxes. We try to implement as similar app as we can.
  • 3.7

    Gun Fire: Fun Shooting Games Mod Apk v1.0.0

    One of best PvP tactical shooting games on mobiles, and now play offline. Your duty is to lead the battle and become the best shooter and sniper.
    Download now for free one of best offline shooting games on mobiles!

    Easy on-the-go shooter action where everyone can experience truly competitive combat on their mobile device. It's fun and accessible for beginners and hardcore gamers will find plenty of challenge. Anyone can compete in Team Deathmatch game modes!Team tactics will ensure victory in this free to play multiplayer shooter.

    ===Game Features===
    • 20 unique weapon types: combat pistols, awp rifles, cool machine guns, swat shotguns and Pubg style Weapon skins!
    • Awesome PvP battles: You'll need good FPS games tactics, strategic thinking and teamwork to win! Find your enemy's weak spots and win!
    • Free Daily rewards! Easy and intuitive combat controls!
    • Optimization for weak devices!

    Download now and drive into pixel battles! Battle Royale has begun! Become the last man standing, the last hero, the king of the battlefield! Good luck
  • 3.7

    Nickname Generator for Gamers Mod Apk v1.5.3 [Premium]

    Nickname generator for gamers with aesthetic symbols, modern fonts, and fancy characters! Nickname creator for your favorite games!

    Symbols Creator ⚡ Nickname Generator for Gamers is easy to use and straightforward. Just hit the desired random name generator button or write your name. The username generator will give you multiple choices decorated with custom fancy text, characters, styles, and aesthetic symbols.

    Nickname creator
    Your name style is customizable with the coolest ASCII characters and fonts. Afterward, you can copy and paste it into your favorite game or social networks.

    Random name generator - Be unique
    Stand out from the crowd. Use fancy text and aesthetic symbols in your ff nickname! If you need a random name generator, our nickname creator is the solution.

    This app is neither affiliated nor endorsed by the creators of the free_fire game.
    This app is neither sponsored nor specifically approved by the creators of the free_fire game.
    This app is made by fans of the free_fire game and is not an official app of the game's creator.

    The Symbols Creator ⚡ Nickname Generator for Gamers app generates tons of cool results for gamers. Main features include:
    ⚡ Nickname creator for male & female
    ⚡ Funny name generator - a funny/cool stylish category
    ⚡ Random name generator, ff nickname creator, username generator, etc.
    ⚡ Customize each name with fancy text and aesthetic symbols - cool fancy text generator
    ⚡ Copy and paste the newly created nickname anywhere
    ⚡ Create a list of all your favorite nicknames for FFire and other games
    ⚡ Nickname Generator app for gamers

    Nickname creator - username generator
    Generate your pro nicks and stylish names for ff and other games easily and in a fun way.
    Differentiate yourself from other players by personalizing your FF nickname to the smallest detail.

    Nicknames for FFire and other games
    Be unique! Nickname creator with random name generator in one app. Use aesthetic symbols and fancy text in your FF nickname. Our username generator will help you to have the coolest nick among all players. Create unique ff name style - ff nickname ⚡

    Random name generator
    You will find funny and cool nicknames in our random name generator! That's not all! FF Nickname Generator app will customize your ff nickname with fancy text and aesthetic symbols!

    Check out why we are the ultimate gamers' nickname generator app!

    If you want to ask questions or suggest any FF Nickname Generator app features, hit us up on the email below.
    [email protected]
  • 3.6

    Survival: Fire Battlegrounds Mod Apk v11.1

    Free survival: fire battlegrounds is the ultimate survival shooter game for your mobile. The best single player battle royale games with strategic play, amazing graphics, and diverse joyful experience, DOWNLOAD IT and enjoy a unique mobile gaming experience.

    Fire upon your targets with very realistic weapons. You have never seen so realistic gun games: pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns… feel like a real frontline commando in the survival battleground!
    Get your knives out, step into the battlegrounds, and experience the journey of real survival shooter on the battlefields. Explore beautiful environments of the fire battlegrounds.
    Experience the best and fastest growing action offline game to hit your play store in 2020. An immersive experience, playing a very cool single player shooter game. Survive in the loot island, eliminate all the enemies and be the #1 survivor in the unknown island battlegrounds. We offer Easy to use controls and smooth graphics with which we guarantee the best offline survival battle royale game you can play on mobile, download it and enjoy a free offline shooter gaming experience and get your name among the legends.
    Free survival: fire battlegrounds is a FREE OFFLINE shooting game with survival challenges, where player battlegrounds survival on the grassy lands is a very exciting and immersive true gaming experience.
    Play a very entertaining offline battle royale game. We recommend a wifi to download the game, but you don't need wifi to play our third person shooter Game and enjoy the challenging matches. Join the survival battle and command this battle like a pro gamer.
    Free survival: fire battlegrounds is FREE ON MOBILE – We deliver jaw-dropping HD graphics and amazing sounds. Featuring customizable mobile controls, experience the most smooth control and realistic ballistics, weapon behavior on mobile.


    - Splendid 3D graphics with real life animations and environment.
    - Perfect aiming and shot system, giving you thrilling experience of the Free survival: fire battlegrounds.
    - Amazing gun fire sounds, giving you intense feel of the battleground heat.
    - immersive gaming experience that also supports low ends devices.


    - Diverse options of guns from different modern weaponry category like machine guns, pistols, sniper rifles or shotguns to have a unique experience in battleground survival game.
    - Play on your own a great story mode and enjoy the best offline battle royale combat.
    - New and amusing warfare environments of gun games in free battleground shooting game.
    - Get loaded with 2 primary guns and 1 secondary gun to shoot your enemies at your best in intense combat experience.
    - Medic kits to accompany your journey of #1 survival in battleground games.


    - Enjoy the real survival battle of the Free survival: fire battlegrounds with a variety of items in the maps to loot and get equipped.
    - Fire at your enemies with accuracy, and enjoy high graphics.
    - Boost your game play with med kits and loots in the TPS shooting game, exp booster in top free war games.
    - Immersive beautiful graphics.
    - Earn exciting rewards by clicking the get reward button.

    As we evolve with the game, we encourage you to reach out to us, with your questions or inquiries, feel free to shoot us an email, or a message on our contacts.


    [email protected]

    Facebook page:

    Youtube channel:

    Instagram page:
  • 4.0

    The Glorious Resolve Army Game Mod Apk v1.9.9

    ISPR presents you with an action packed, multi role Delta IGI Force Real Commando Adventure Secret Mission Free Fire Army Shooting Mobile games. It takes the players through the epic battles Armed Forces & Law enforcement agencies have fought.

    Militants are expanding their territory in Country with the help of external forces. They are trying to destabilize the country but there is one thing they should be scared of, "Patriotism of The Armed Forces".

    In this darkest hour all the forces have been united to eliminate the deadliest threats the country is facing. Army, Air Force, Navy, ISPR, SSG Commandos, Aviation & other LEA's are all working together & fighting terrorism using their tactical expertise & state of the art weapon systems.

    In this Free Fire Army Shooting Mobile games, you will be part of an elite military Delta IGI Free Fire force fighting at the front lines. You will use tactical military weapons to counter the hostile takeover of the region by armed militants. As you progress through this Delta IGI Force Real Commando Adventure Secret Mission Free Fire Army Shooting Mobile games you will get the opportunity to take part in special joint operations, Delta IGI CS surgical strikes & special force operations. Get ready to take on the challenge & jump into an action Real Commando Adventure Secret Mission Free Fire Army Shooting Mobile games that will take you behind enemy lines into the fiercest player unknown Delta IGI battlefield of the century.

    Now it is our turn to show them what we are made of. Gear-up, be a part of this Delta IGI Real Commando Adventure Free Fire Army Shooting games & eliminate militant forces once & for all. Operate & traverse through realistic 3D environments consisting of treacherous mountains, underground tunnels & dry deserts. Use deadly missile systems, deploy air strikes, smoke grenades, hand grenades & much more to defeat the militants.

    Take on different roles on the war mobile games Real Commando Adventure Free Fire, pilot Cobra helicopters & eliminate all hostile threats in this action packed thrilling Delta IGI Force Real Commando Adventure Secret Mission Free Fire Army Shooting Mobile games.

    TGR: Delta IGI Force Real Commando Adventure Secret Mission Free Fire Army Shooting Mobile Games of ISPR Features:

    ◉ TGR Multi role Latest & best Delta IGI AAA quality modern graphics with easy controls.
    ◉ Best Android 3D mobile game with Powerful military weapons including machine guns, sub-machine guns, shotguns, sniper rifles & pistols.
    ◉ Realistic 3D Fauji mobile game play including strict rules of engagement.
    ◉ Unique 3D maps set in a realistic 3D environment in border mobile game.
    ◉ Use gun strikes, smoke grenades, air CS Critical Strikes against militants & force multipliers like close air support, UAV drones.
    ◉ Earn medals to unlock & upgrade powerful guns in latest & best Android FPS Mobile Game Home Guard.
    ◉ System of rewards like medals & promotions to keep the player engaged throughout the Delta IGI Real Commando Adventure Secret Mission Free Fire Army Shooting games.
    ◉ Encounter a variety of threats including gunners, snipers & bazooka enemies.
    ◉ Intelligence Based Operations.
    ◉ Compete against top players & make it to the highest rankings in the online Leader board.

    Current Chapters: Delta IGI Commando Adventure Secret Mission Free Fire Army Shooting games
    ◉ Operation Rah-e-Rast
    ◉ Operation Sherdil
    ◉ Operation Rah-e-Nijat
    ◉ Operation Surprise Attack LoC

    If you like “The Glorious Resolve: Journey To Peace” Free FPS Delta IGI Force Real Commando Adventure Secret Mission Free Fire Army Shooting Mobile games, please try our other games. Don't forget to rate & review about Delta IGI Real Commando Adventure Free Fire Army Shooting Mobile games.
  • 4.6

    Skin Tools

    Complete skin info easily without safelink, watch ads through an application.

    In this application we have provided a lot of SKIN info and many more which we will add to you directly without any hassle.

    Complete, there are many skins that you can see in this application and we will add them all the time.

    DISCLAIMER: NOT AN OFFICIAL PRODUCT OF ANY GAME. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH ANY PUBLIC COMPANY. All rights reserved. In accordance with the terms of the relevant publishing company.

    Everything that is provided for download in this application is only in the form of info, and will only appear on the perspective user who uses it, this application does not affect the gameplay directly. We in no way claim any copyright or intellectual property.
  • 3.9

    Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World Mod Apk v1.80 [Unlimited money]

    Evil power has cast a shadow over Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World. Awake the hero within you, pick up your weapons and fight your way to victory. This is a Squid game alike adventure.

    Fire Craft: 3D Pixel World is the absolute best 3D pixel/ voxel style of adventure shooting game with 3 basic modes.

    Story mode
    Experience the thrilling adventure with grenades, guns and melee weapons to destroy zombies and monsters.

    Survival mode
    Survive on a deserted island with unforeseen dangers lurking, which are not for the faint of heart.

    PvP sniper mode
    Become a real sniper with PvP mode, play and be friends with people all around the world.

    Our superb features
    • More than 50 campaign levels
    • 100 different maps: ocean map, maze map, magma map, ice map, etc
    • 100+ types of monsters and bosses
    • 180+ creative skins: zombie, slender, pirate, sniper, skeleton and even a pretty nurse;
    • Upgradable Battle Pass with challenges and rewards
  • 3.8

    GFX Tool - Game Booster Mod Apk v1.3.20 [Pro]

    Play your favorite game with no lag. Enjoy faster and smoother gameplay! Use our GFX Tool - Game Booster and experience lag-free gaming!

    Optimize game configuration for maximum gaming experience with ultimate GFX Tool - Game Booster!

    Our GFX Tool is the unique solution for the best gaming experience. You can finally focus on gaming, and we will do the rest. Play like a PRO!

    GFX Tool main features:
    Play the game in high resolution without lag
    Unlock the HDR graphics on low-end devices
    Unlock the Extreme FPS level
    Change graphic styles with ultimate GFX Tool - Game Booster!

    Discover gaming without lag with the ultimate game booster - gfx tool!

    Note: GFX Tool app is neither affiliated to any other app nor claims to own a trademark to use the name and logo of any third-party app.
  • 3.9

    FF Name Style Creator For Free - Nickname Gamer

    ✍The Get a Name Style for free right now and say goodbye to those monotonous, boring nicknames.

    ꧁༺☃ⓝⓐⓜⓔ ⓢⓣⓨⓛⓔ ②⓪②① ☃༻꧂

    You can also create Style names for your favorite Games And Social Networks.

    Dozens of professional fonts and fonts to look like a hero.

    Download right now the FF Name Style for Free Fire, PUBG, etc, and give an exclusive touch to your nickname.

    The application is very easy and fast to use, just type the nickname you want and automatically the application will give you dozens of combinations. Then just copy and paste it into your favorite game or social networks.

    Thank you for using the best gaming Nickname Style for Free F.

    This app is neither affiliated nor endorsed by the creators of the Free Fire, PUBG, etc game.
    This app is neither sponsored nor specifically approved by the creators of the Free_Fire, PUBG, etc game.
    This app is made by fans of the game and is not an official app of the game creator.
  • 3.7

    Fire Force: Gun Battle Royale Mod Apk v2.4.3 [Unlimited money]

    Tired of monotonous and boring online games battle ground? Then try no internet games.
    battle royale shooting is shooting about survival in the modern world.
    Our battle royale will give you jeep to ride on the big map, because zone decreases with every second.
    Quick start, huge island, 100 player, battle lasts 10 minutes, but only one winner remains!
    You can hide or hide from opponents, but at any time enemy sniper, and in the next update also zombies can get you wherever you are hiding.
    battle ground shooting This shooter no internet games, every second around you pvp action.
    You have any available machine, jeep Choose everything to your taste and tactics of the game!
    Best games shooting will not give you the same interesting action battle royale no internet games.
    We always strive to improve our shooter. If you have interesting proposals for the development of the project, we are always ready to consider them.
    Send your ideas and comments by mail: [email protected]
  • 3.6

    Real Robot Fire Battleground : Free Sci-fi Firing Mod Apk v1.3

    Experience intense shooting legacy ops of robots war, here you are at the frontline of infinite futuristic robot battlefield. .Mankind is at sci-fi deathmatch of robots scifi games, You as legacy robot are trying to save the legacy in firing clans of futuristic station in deep space.This is the first person shooter game more than simple FPS scifi games. Fight against infinite waves of enemies. You can encounter locked doors and reply with free fire shooting, destructible environments & many types of enemies.

    Defeat enemies with, unique weapons, deadly grenades, rocket launchers, pistols, melee Armament, and assault rifles. Use ARMOR for free firing squad for your safety in this free to fire sci-fi game. You have modern and hi-tech weapons inside the laboratory such as laser guns, shotguns, modern grenades, and legacy shadow can upgrade and improve equipment ability to gain DAILY REWARD of sci fi games. use the best strategies for modern war combat during Free Fire of robot battle. Become the brutal fps shooter to compete opponents of robot c-ops. Follow the rules of survival in free fire during the critical ops of robot warfare. Act like legacy Robot special soldier with ninja infinity powers in this true players pro game.

    Time to sharp infinity blade for shooting of enemies, take serious actions, Strategize missions for domination and fight to win the battles, You have shadowguns during enemies free Fire game shooting for your help use heavy weapons to become the war legends of black battle ops in this fps shooter game.

    Player! You are just one step away from infinite warfare of Real Robot Fire Battleground. You have played many multiplayer games with free fire squad, sci-fi games or infinite warfare games but this is clan time game with solo game mode, Players will have realistic robot combat in free modes like classes from Recruit, Tank, Assault, and Saboteur. Enjoy modern war combat of fps game with unique martial interaction where universal gravity can affect your position and running speed and low gravity frees player to jump far and high, Use Jett packs flight in free fire battlegrouds to conduct combat operations more effectively. Relish the optimized game on all devices in a'll Game modes. Master your Team of blitz to fight at a highest furious level and become the futurista robot who wins the infinity action game. Make new rules for legacy fps shooter, encourage clans of teams for custom game lobby and free fire battle till you fulfill your free quest

    All Features of Real Robot Fire Battleground: Free Sci-fi Firing:

    -- Fantastic 3D Graphics
    -- Excellent 3D characters
    -- HARDCORE Gameplay
    -- Robot Battle Free Fire Shooting
    -- Blitz operations
    -- First person shooting games
    -- Robot Free Games
    -- Legacy Combat
  • 3.6

    Call of WW Sniper Fire : Duty For War Mod Apk v1.26

    Call of Free WW Sniper Fire : Duty For War is another fps and tps games, You are in World War 2 WW2 fight field, battling against the adversaries with your modern weapons.

    It is the best new free games with testing FPS and TPS games missions, Expert marksman games is about Call of Free WW Sniper Fire rifleman which get out anger of sharpshooter shooting obligation. Call of Free WW Sniper Fire is free shooting match-ups which call for genuine obligation.

    Warriors ... Prepare to be the heroes of WW2 shooter. Be the legend of armed force shooting match-ups in www2 games situations.

    You will confront the foes in quick fire games battle front line. You will have the best firearms in World War 2 weapon games.

    WW2 last battleground is the last free WW2 game. It is quick paced free games which is activity pressed World War 2 situation based game.

    Prepare for genuine counter war ww2 in genuine terminating games battlegrounds! Carry out your responsibility as World War 2 warrior with the best WW2 weapons. Counter fire the adversaries of universal war games in striking missions.

    Fire Battleground, armed force counter shooter endurance shooting strategic let US Army counter shooter war saint land in fps shooting match-up endurance battleground to battle in a day ago at war shooting match-up for endurance in World War FPS Shooting match-up of world war battleground.The battleground of Counter Shooter War Survival is the most energizing and exciting counter shooting match-up in battleground of universal war shooting match-up for present day FPS Shooter

    Features of Call of Free WW Sniper Fire - Duty For War :

    * History of ww2 secret warfare zones
    * Last Battleground
    * Real TPS WW2 story of duty
    * Call of free WW sniper fire
    * Style commando shooting games
    * Frontline battle land strike missions
    * Modern counter war games
    * Free to play

    Download for free the best tps and fps modern shooting games mobile to break down multiple sniper targets. be one of the survive heroes and Have fun in this best fire shooting game mobile .